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Social Media Shorts are compact, promotional videos designed to attract your social media and website fanbase. Fully customized and designed specifically for your project, these cost-effective videos are entertaining and on-point with your campaign.

 Choose from 16:9 High Definition or HD Square format with more viewing area and an information block with room for your campaign’s message. Reminder: 1080 HD playback is the for best viewing quality for your project. You can either provide us with your media, or we can shoot custom video and still photos for a reasonable half or full day rate. Also, we can add motion to your still photos and even improve your mobile phone video look.

Below are a few categories and samples to help ignite your imagination, be sure your Youtube player settings are adjusted to .

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Who We Are | What We Do:
The Plug DJ’s are a syndicate of DJ’s whose specialty is urban contemporary nightclubs
The iLoveMyPlug Music Group signs talented recording artists to promo deals & supports Indie artist with distribution and so much more.

Members are considered to be priority here at iLoveMyPlug! It’s the best way to make sure that you “Get Plugged In”!

As a members of iLoveMyPlug you can:
* Get your song added to dozens of playlists
* Get your song added to mixtapes
* Upload your music directly to 
* Get your music played on radio, in nightclubs, and at functions
* Have your record “Chart” in the Atlanta “Urban Club” market on the Plug DJs Street Charts
* Record interviews/shout-outs with you and share on social media
* Share video of Plug DJs playing your music at the clubs and on social media
* Get mention you in the iLoveMyPlug Top20 unsigned artists Playlists


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